The Current Benefits of Artificial Intelligence Uses In Homes & Business.

AI in Home Automation

In many homes and offices; already there are already useful devices managing many smart automation functions like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Samsung and Apple devices technology for a few examples. Artificial intelligences uses are becoming more prominent as people realize how much AI can streamline their lives.

These AI devices, and software applications can make our lives so much easier, and of course  intelligent technology is already relied on for GPS navigation, and dozens of other applications to help anyone access any information under the sun.

Even with all these benefits, when this connectivity or AI devices start functioning erratically, which has been reported in many cases it starts affecting your life in a negative way. Artificial intelligence uses can also have their downsides in this case and sometimes it can be rather disconcerting too.

As a matter of fact, many have reported some rather creepy results using any of these devices particularly Alexa with Amazon moving to adjust the programs to remove these. Visit :

This is AI at work…

Today, programmers use Python to build AI programs to offer solutions to specific problems across a variety of technology. These solutions are meant to be beneficial in every way. Artificial Intelligence uses in software programs are already widely used in the financial sector, in health and medical fields, and as you already know, in the automobile industry in self driving cars.

In space exploration, AI robots and equipment plays a vital role and in everyday life it is used for analysis for business in customer care and in automation. It must be remembered that there are different levels of AI from the average user program that performs within its parameters.

This is followed by the artificial deep learning program that can understand and perform intelligent tasks, and finally the powerful self-learning AI. These powerful self-learning programs are where the problem begins to arise, as they could eventually reach a level of arrogance to deem human intellect feeble. Artificial intelligence uses should thus be carefully monitiored to prevent unplanned errors in where they are being applied.

AI performs all tasks within their set coded programmed parameters, far more accurately and efficiently than a human being can. Another current advantage of using smart AI is in robotics as mentioned before, where robots and machines can be programmed to do dangerous tasks not possible by humans.

Artificial Intellgence Uses in Robotics

We all know that artificial intelligence does much in the help for space explorations and this has been going on for some time. That shows you that these programs have been operation in some form or another for a long time already.

AI programmed robots can be useful in rescue missions, on Mars and space exploration, as per the Mars rovers and others, and for many applications where it is too dangerous for humans to venture. In manufacturing operations; AI programmed robotics, and other machinery operated by AI, are useful in increasing production as unlike humans they do not need to rest.

Many challenges are already being overcome using smart AI across the spectrum of technology, but the aspect that is threatening, is the ability to self-learn, and perhaps start operating on their own without Human control. It goes without saying that technology is not all bad, and that it is a fact that there are already state of the art software, and AI applications, in health and manufacturing, as well as in automation, which have improved and even saved countless lives in thousands of different ways.

Using some examples: When you need travel somewhere, state of the art application GPS navigation systems is there to help you find your way around. There are already thousands of other useful are applications related for health, for entertainment, for use as personal assessment fitness and wellness tracking, for security, banking and money management, and many others.

Already programs and software including system AI programs have aided tedious administration jobs, improved data storage, capabilities, helped in analysis, and been used for prediction. Using facial recognition software in security industries for example, technology has helped catch criminals, and with advancement in this, it could make it extremely difficult to commit crime in the future.

In hospitals, the latest medical technology has helped in video supported robotic surgery, data analysis for patient management and in other important fields such as research and development of new cures and lots more. AI is being integrated into our very lives as we become more connected and eventually we could have robots helping us in our homes as seen in many Hollywood movies.

As you can see artificial intelligence uses cover many different sectors in our lives today benefitting everyone is simplifying and streamlining process. However development should be carefully monitored to prevent AI getting out of hand.